100% Made In Germany

We are proud to announce that all our products are produced here in Germany with the highest quality standards. German made products are known troughout the world for quality and luxury. Home Fashion® is no exception and provides exclusivity, uniqueness as well as quality.

Our raw material comes from Germany and the EU only. This again, ensures exceptional quality.

Since we are a family owned business we take special pride in our products and are only satisfied with the best. We always try to stay on top and provide the tabletop industry with new and innovative products that are different and contribute to society.

The world famous Prussian Palaces and Gardens with a history of over 400 years are incorporated in our Home Fashion® collection. The Home Fashion® Historic collection offers a unique napkin range that is devoted to the beautiful Prussian Palaces and Gardens which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. All the designs that this collection has to offer are from the actual 32 Palaces and Gardens in Berlin and Brandenburg or of one of the items from the Palaces. Every napkin sold will contribute to the conservation and restoration of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens.